The official popSLATE ‘Smartcase for you Smartphone’ app.

What if your smartphone case could do much more than just protect your phone? Doesn’t your smartphone deserve a smart case? Introducing popSLATE, which transforms the back of your iPhone into a full-size second screen. Imagine the possibilities…Instantly customize popSLATE with any image–from eye-catching pictures to valuable information. Glance at schedules, workout routines, directions, to-do lists, and much more, without ever having to unlock your iPhone.

By using popSLATE’s e-paper screen instead of your power-hungry iPhone screen, you extend your phone’s battery life. In fact, it’s so low-power, you can display an image forever or change it as often as you like. PopSLATE has a lot under the hood, including a micro-controller, on-board memory, and a dual-mode bluetooth chip. Apps on your phone send images wirelessly to the paper-thin and ultra-durable screen, where they are highly visible, even in bright sunlight.

This app enables you to connect with a popSLATE device and send over any image to be displayed on the ePaper second-screen. In addition, you can connect with the rich popSLATE community of users and artists to share images.

popSLATE. Do something smart for your smartphone.With the strategic partnership of Ohana Technologies our engineers were able to propel Popslate to an early MVP appearing on Shark Tank and launching a fully supported product line with robust features and reliable code bases.

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