Mobile Development

Picking the right Mobile Strategy for your product is not only challenging, but it is filled with deep difficult to navigate waters. Native vs Hybrid, Legal Requirements, Platform Limitations, Backwards Support, Screen Resolutions, Platform Specific UX/UI Guidelines, and more. Well fear no more because here at Ohana Technologies we have done projects down as many various technology paths as we could get our hands on. Our model is, if you’re going guide someone in the dark you better be the one holding a flashlight. So let us guide you, learn from our lessons, scars and successes so that you have the shortest path to success.

In our Process we will guide you through and explain every step of the way. You may influence as much or as little as you choose along the way.


  • Requirements Gathering
    • Desired Platforms for Solution
    • Platform Specific Blockers to Ensure Placement On The Market
    • Screen Size Resolution Requirements
    • Legal Requirements (EULA, Copyright, Patents, T&Cs, Disclosures, Privacy Policies)
    • Phone/Tablet/TV/Auto Model Support Requirements
    • Open Source Requirements
    • App Screens and Flow Understanding
    • Hardware Interactions
    • Communication Types (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, BLE, etc.)
    • IoT Integration Touch Points
    • Backend Needs
    • Infrastructure Needs, Hosting, and Securing
    • PUSH requirements for Notifications
      • Crash Reporting
      • Analytics
      • Performance Monitoring
      • Release BETAs Tools
  • Security Requirements
    • Authentication, Authorization and Tokenization
    • Single Sign On
    • Multi-Facto Authentication
  • Project Setup and Timeline Alignment
  • MVP Implementation with Regular Demos and Agile interactions along the way
  • QA Integrated Early and Often
    • Unit Testing
    • Automated Testing
    • Localization Testing
    • Functional Testing
    • Usability Testing
    • Requirements Verification and Validation
  • Release Train setup
    • Infrastructure
    • Signing
    • Packaging
    • Customization
    • Code Documentation
    • Promotion and Deployment Strategy
  • Maintenance, Documentation, and Support Strategy

Mobile Development is our specialty, between our team of engineers we have been doing Mobile Development since the BlackBerry and Version 1 of iPhone and Android days. If you are looking for a company that is filled with Mobile experts, look no further. If you are not currently engaged in all of the above discussions than it may be time to come see us and get realigned with modern day scalable Mobile Strategies. Our team is happy to accommodate the technology stack of your choosing or supply past experience, road blocks and recommendations to help you make an informed decision that best fits your company’s need.