Buzz time

Buzztime’s non-stop entertainment and trivia creates a buzz in any bar, restaurant, or pub. Over 9 million registered players regularly return to their favorite Buzztime locations to keep up their scores and go head-to-head with their family and friends. With new game variations constantly in development, Buzztime’s platform provides more variety and more opportunities to reach customers than any other tabletop tablet system. Entice customers with live poker events to fill seats, even on slow weeknights.

With the help of Ohana Technologies, Buzztime was able to release a new platform based on Node.js and completely rewrite the multiplayer communication pipeline for real-time gaming. Ohana also helped in the payment processing integration, arcade architecture, Texas Hold Em, Trivia, Countdown, Rewards, and More. After the Gen 2 release utilizing Ohana Technologies migrating to UDP technologies, there was a massive improvement in reliability, speed, and reviews.

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